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Let's make it clear we don't work for a specific clinic in Turkey. We search and contact with a range of fantastic clinics that we have hand-picked for you. 


And yes we are aware of how medical care can get thorny and you want to make sure that everything is taken care of. Take a deep breath, we'll be with you at every step of your journey. 


Before you make up your mind, feel free to call us, WhatsApp us, drop us an email, DM us on Instagram and Facebook for any question. You can get all details about your treatment types such as your doctor, procedure, itinerary, recovery time, benefits and risks. 
After you get in touch with us, we will evaluate the best treatment options in order to ensure that you are absolutely satisfied. Then you'll be offered one or a number of options. Following your decision on having the treatment, you will need to send pictures of your treatment areas for assessment by Medentur partner doctors and you'll be provided with a personalized treatment plan. After that, you'll fill out our patient form which includes your medical data and medical history.**
*Some treatments may not be suitable for everyone, so before traveling it's best to be consulted here in the UK by our NHS doctors and also our partner doctors in Turkey.
*All the information you share with us will be kept confidential.
Happy with your plan? Great! Now you can secure your place with a small amount of deposit payment. You don’t have to decide the date of your treatment when you pay your deposit.
You can have your treatment whenever you are available. We'll take care of every detail. 
Once you've decided your treatment day, we will provide you the contact details of your patient service coordinator and you will contact with them to check your doctor’s availability. Then you will buy your flight tickets. As soon as you send us your flight info, we will issue your travel itinerary and make sure your experience runs with ease and flawless.
You'll be welcomed by your private transfer at the airport with your name card and then you'll check-in to your arranged hotel.
First, you will have a consultation with your doctor before your treatment. During your consultation, feel free to ask any question to your doctor regarding your treatment. After your consultation, blood tests and necessary arrangements will be carried out.
After all necessary preparations are done, you will have your treatment. Depending on your treatment you will spend the night in the private hospital that your operation is carried out at no extra cost or you will go to your hotel to get rest.
Dosyalar ile Doktor
After your treatment, you will stay for a while in Turkey for your recovery period. At this time you can relish the city with our suggestions until your final check-up time. You will have final check-up by your doctor and your doctor will give you instructions for your aftercare at home.
Then your private transfer will take you to the airport. You will return your home with a rejuvenated you that you have always desired.
Following up and fulfilling the post-treatment requirements is part of the treatment. Taking good care of yourself is as important as the succession of the surgery. You can always get in touch with your doctor through us and join our free pre&post consultation days in the UK.
And finally, please share your comments on our testimonials page. We highly care about your thoughts.
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