11 Spectacular Hair Transplant in Show Biz

Dihydrotestosterone which is the real reason for the male pattern hair loss, does not favour you even if you are a celebrity. One of the best features of our time is the solutions developed against negative situations. Although we still cannot find treatment for diseases such as cancer, we can replace the shedding hair with new ones. Here we can see the most striking examples from the world of celebrities.These also show us how far hair transplant technology has come in recent years.

1. Jude Law

Jude Law, he's been one of the talented and charismatic British actors of the recent years, well known for having a receding hairline. Appears to has found a solution to the hair problem he has experienced with a slight touch.

2. Matthew McConaughey

The Irish originated actor, who has a considerable reputation in recent years with the series and movies he acted, has intervened his hair which has started to dilute with the help of a successful operation.

3. Tom Hanks

Considered by most as one of the greatest actors of recent years, Tom Hanks has reached the age of 63, thus he deprived of some physical advantages naturally. We can say that 2 Oscar-winning successful actors, has alleviated some of this problem with bunch of hair he had transplanted.

4. Chris Martin

Coldplay's lead singer Chris Martin is one of the participants of the hair transplant club. 42-year-old Martin, We think we can say that the hair problem in his genes postponed for a long time with a successful surgery.

5. Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams, who is accepted as the sexiest male singer by the majority of the world, immediately had a hair transplant in order to avoid harm to his sexiness and continued to be sexy from where he left.

6. Hugh Laurie

Doctor House had bunch of hair planted to the opened hill. Looking good right?

7. Elton John

Sir Elton John looks quite different than the young Elton John doesn't he? Thanks to FUE.

8. Mel Gibson

Like many men, he was losing his hair as he got older and his testosterone gets lower. At the end his Braveheart dragged him to the surgery.

9.John Travolta

The actor who was renowned by his hairdo back in the '70s had been sharing the same fate with the other contemporary actors. Travolta seemingly was waiting for the technology to reach the standards he expected when it came to his hair and he ended up getting a full hair transplant around 2016.

10. Gordon Ramsey

World famous chef Gordon Ramsay is a bit different as there are articles from newspapers and gossip rags that talk about his hair transplant, which he neither confirmed nor denied. He was spotted leaving a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles wearing a black stocking hat, which prompted people to believe that he had worked on thickening the front of his scalp, despite the fact that he has never appeared to have been losing his hair.

11. Kevin Costner

With his fame and glory came the steady attention and focus to Kevin Costner’s hair loss and receding hair line issues. If you remember any of his box office hits prior to 2008 you will notice that he was losing a lot of his hair, especially at his hair line, which moved up to the crown of his head. Finally he had hair transplant surgery for himself which was performed in 2008.