Katie Price's Aesthetic Adventure in Turkey

She entrusted herself to Turkish doctors.

Katie Price and her fiance Kris Boyson travelled to Turkey to undergo the aesthetic surgery.

Price has undergone cosmetic surgery in a clinic in Bodrum allegedly. Her bandaged image scared those who saw.

Katie Price, took the cameras in during face and eye lifting operations and aired the operation live.

The former glamour model and telly star, 41, postponed her plans to go under the knife again earlier this week, ahead of the third series of her reality show My Crazy Life.

And her fiance Kris Boyson had a nose job as well. Kris was persuaded to go under the knife in Turkey recently by Katie as she got a breast reduction, her bum lift reversed and a face and eye lift.

He share a photo of his new look after getting his bandages removed.

By the way, she had breast surgery before but she got them reconstructed this time as she was dissatisfied with the result.

Katie Price, who returned to her country after she was fully recovered, allegedly paid 33,000 pounds for these operations.

What do you think about her new looking?